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CROSS Krav Maga self defence training based in Crawley and around Sussex is accessible to all types of people regardless of size, strength, experience and agility. CROSS is an acronym for Combat Ready Offensive Survival System, a well thought out balanced survival system to keep you and your loved ones safe. CKM has evolved from several self defence systems and Martial arts to ensure you are alert, aware and able to resist and fight back against  predators in todays environment.

Mission Statement.

We have to accept times have changed… and so has the type of risks and threats, as well as the level of lack of respect and lack of discipline in today’s society. My company CROSS Protection Services ltd is doing its utmost to develop and supply types of training aiming to keep frontline professionals as well as civilians alive.
We have to evolve with the times, so we are constantly monitoring media and pressure testing all we teach to help anyone survive the types of threats and assaults that are sadly becoming a part of every day life.
We understand there are no one hundred percent magic techniques out there, with this mindset it helps us to realise how simple answers to real life scenarios shows what works, whats real and what you need to do to survive.

Benefits Of Cross Krav Maga Training

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Our unique self defence system is based on the principles of Krav Maga but has been adapted to incorporate other techniques and styles of martial arts and self defence systems, which when properly applied, helps to reduce the odds between you and any potential attacker.

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We do not teach martial arts, though some of the principles are from martial arts you need a completely different mind set to survive a committed attacker, we show you how to switch from prey to predator, to fight back with all tools available to us, and yes that means fighting dirty, our goal is to get out and escape and survive, with any means possible.

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Our CROSS Krav Maga training is accessible to everyone, from self defence novices to experienced martial artists. Our classes are run at various venues across the Sussex areas and are a great way of improving your confidence and fitness, while teaching you how to defend yourself in wide variety of situations.


Founder and Chief Coach

Cross Krav Maga Crawley

The beauty of the CROSS Krav Maga system is that it teaches key survival skills based on variables, not simply a rigid set of techniques.

Our students learn a set of self defence principles that are the foundation of everything we teach and from there, we promote a flexible approach to achieving and focusing on certain common objectives in virtually all scenario’s, therefore making it easier to learn and immediately effective than many other systems out there.

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What’s the difference?

Many times I have been asked, what is the difference between our system and traditional Krav Maga. I was an Instructor with a large Krav Maga Organisation and found the technique driven system had flaws, yes I love some of the traditional Krav but felt that the system is getting very sports orientated and not so self-defence based. We teach a set of principles first and foremost before techniques, the reason for this is we want our instructors and  students to have a flexible approach to their self protection.

Chief Coach Keith Collyer

Carried out a training session with West Sussex Fire Brigade to demonstrate how Cross Krav Maga can protect them from abusive and violent conduct whilst carrying out their duties.

 Knife Defence Techniques: Knife Attack Hierarchy

UK No Lie Blades Demo at Royal Marines UK Base

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  • I just wanted to say i think you are a top notch guy and a very good instructor who is approachable and a good teacher.i think its right to say this and you deserve praise,i can imagine how hard you work behind the scenes,and i for one want to say thanks for doing your best for the students we really do appreciate it. Thanks again mate

    Ryan Bull – Team Member, Hove Academy
  • Just to say you are by far the best instructor I’ve had (having studied a variety of systems over the years) and really appreciate the effort you are going to to make sure that what you teach us isn’t bullsh*t when stood up against a real situation. Very excited where the club is going and look forward to seeing it grow.

    Stuart Elliot – Team Member Hove Academy
  • After practicing Tae-kwondo years ago I wanted to get back into doing some sort of self defense, I wanted and looked for a realistic self defense in Brighton that was applicable to real life situations and Krav Maga Sussex offers me exactly that self defense i was looking for. Keith is a great Krav Maga instructor and knows his stuff. This is a great self defense to learn for both women and men and in the short time I’ve been doing it I have come to learn so much. My only regret is I didn’t look into doing Krav Maga years ago. Classes are informative and constructive and the people are a great bunch.

    Carl Rea – Team Member Brighton Academy