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Mission Statement

We cannot live in denial and have to accept times have changed… and so has the type of risks and threats, as well as the level of lack of respect and lack of discipline in today’s society. My company CROSS Protection Services is doing its utmost to develop and supply types of training aiming to keep frontline professionals as well as civilians alive.We have to evolve with the times, so we are constantly monitoring media and pressure testing all we teach to help anyone survive the types of threats and assaults that are sadly becoming a part of every day life.
We understand there are no one hundred percent magic techniques out there, with this mindset it helps us to realise what works, whats real and what you need to do to survive in the real world.

CROSS Krav Maga is a separate system based on Krav Maga

It is a self-defence survival system that is based on Krav Maga that is designed to encourage the individual to use what works for them. We are all different in our size, strength, speed, agility . Cross Krav Maga is designed to help even the odds between you and your attacker, it teaches key survival skills and how to react if attacked  utilising flinch responses , it will rapidly develop an awareness of what self defence works and what doesn’t. We look on the perspective that will it work for me if i was a woman of 8 stone, this way we are not learning to fight force with force, as there are always someone stronger than you, we use mindset, redirection and attacking the attacker to deal with what threat confronts us, and to  ideally escape and get home safe.

CROSS Krav Maga or Krav Maga,  What’s the difference?

Many times I have been asked, what is the difference between our system and traditional Krav Maga. I was an Instructor with a large Krav Maga Organisation and found the technique driven system had flaws, yes I love some of the traditional Krav but felt that the system is getting very sports orientated and not so self-defence based. We teach a set of principles first and foremost before techniques, the reason for this is we want our coaches  and  students to have a flexible approach to their self protection, understand natural movement and to be able to use what works for them. one size does not fit all when it comes to self defence!

 At CROSS Krav Maga Academy we do not have such a rigid syllabus as we want our  students to react quickly and calmly to a rapid change of attack, with this in mind we teach these main principles, Three points of Contact, Relative Position, simultaneous attack and defence, centre line theory and Balance Displacement this way our coaches can teach their students to always expect the unexpected and can react positively to situations presented.

What our logo represents

SHIELD – Represents Defence, personal space, Strength and Stability.

CROSSHAIRS – Focus, patience, determination, attitude

CROSSED DAGGERS – Represents our respect for Fairburn and Sykes who taught combatives to the early commandos in world war two, also represents the CROSS system and our respect for edged weapons.

WINGS – Freedom of expression, to be Free to train, develop, share and discuss all aspects of self defence training. To develop your own style and take what works for you.



You will learn to be able to push past your boundaries, be able to function outside your comfort zone, you will have a complete change of mindset, you will have better awareness skills, you will learn how to defend yourself and loved ones, you will be fitter, stronger and healthier, you will also meet like minded individuels and make new friends.

Basic Defence Principles

CKM teach the basic principles, as well as action reaction as the defence, as we want the self protection  we teach to work in all situations and for this to be the mainstay to survive.

You as  a student or anyone who just wants to learn self defence must have a flexible approach to survive.

This is the reason we do not have a rigid syllabus or a wholly linear approach to self-protection as our system of  self-defence is constantly evolving, we must adapt and change with the times we live in!

The difference between CKMA and the mainstream martial arts is:
Martial arts are a reciprocal exchange between two people (my turn, your turn etc)
CQC ( close quarter combat) is a one sided , non reciprocal beating (my turn, my turn, my turn) until the threat is naturalised .
We will hit first, grab and keep hitting you until the threat is eliminated or i can escape.
We use a common objective in ALL Scenarios, thus making our system easy to learn, train and retain.

Psychological Aspects

I have trained in traditional martial arts for over 18 years and also am an instructor in many other self defence and protection  systems, some of who have made me take a long hard look at myself and what I teach.

This combination of other systems has challenged the way I think and all our training evolves around non compliance, movement and the psychological aspects of self defence.

What we teach is basically called close quarter combat, we teach unarmed combat for civilian self protection, geared for the urban environment.
CQC has nothing to do with a martial arts context, wether that’s sport, traditional or art for arts sake – Its all about self protection and getting home safe!

There are two main concepts involved :

Soft Skills – a set of personal security tactics geared around towards avoiding violent confrontation.
Hard skills –  or physical applications that we can use to extinguish the threat if we are unable to avoid or escape.
So two parts,

Personal Security geared towards avoidance, deescalation and the phycological mindset needed to act.
Close quarter combat gross motor skills to deal with a threat or attack in the physical sense.

Contact, Position & Attack

We teach these main principles, Three points of Contact, tactical position of dominance, simultaneous attack and defence, centre line theory and destabilisation , this way you will  always expect the unexpected and can react positively to all situations presented. We are not focused wholly on a linear defence like traditional krav maga  as it may not work on occasions for the smaller or weaker person. We teach from a mindset where the attacker is always bigger and stronger than you, the system cannot rely on strength, we show you how to divert and redirect energy, to  change your mindset and fight ferociously and to do enough to escape, its about getting home safe. We are not a fight system, were a survival system theres a big difference. We have built the system on what works for women, that way its ideal for everybody and anyone no matter how big or  small of stature can make the system work when needed.

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