Cross Krav Maga Partners



fract tactical

Defiance Combat Self Defense (F.R.A.C.T)

F.R.A.C.T (Fight Response And Combat Tactics) is an entry/exit system, designed to get you in and out of a threat as cleanly and as quickly as possible developed by founder Guy Bloom. Keith trains with Guy and is a qualified foundation Level 3  F.R.A.C.T coach.

wing chun

WCK UK Wing Chun

Headed by Sifu Wes Hussey – visit the WCK UK website.Keith regularly trains with Sifu Wes Hussey in the wing chun system and hold a Fourth degree black sash (4TH TG) and is also a Sifu and teaches the wing chun system.

haganah uk

Haganah UK

Darren Le Fevre head of the Haganah UK system (and its components) are the evolution of the Israeli martial arts. Keith trains with Darren who regularly holds seminars for Cross Krav Maga students.

muay thai

Phraya Pichai Muay Thai Camp

Keith Collyer trains with Imo Bob under the Phraya Pichai Camp as an instructor and holds the rank of 10 Th Khan ( Black Belt).

no lie blade

No Lie Blades UK

Keith Collyer is a No Lie Blades level 2 Instructor and Incorporates this high level of knowledge of knife and edged weapon defence learned into our CROSS krav maga system.  He is also the only Instructor outside the US to achieve the Military/Law Enforcement Instructor level 1 (MIL-L/E )


Defendo UK

Defendo, created by Bill Underwood, is the internationally approved “Occidental System of Self-Protection”.