Answers to popular CROSS Krav Maga FAQs.

What is CROSS Krav Maga?

CROSS (combat ready offensive survival system) is based on Israeli forces tactics and is designed as a self defence system for the UK using necessary and proportionate force to facilitate an escape, we either learn to escape or will neutralise the attack until we can escape, its that simple, we are not a fighting system but rather a survival system!

We coach the physiological mind set needed to be aware, to try to avoid, deescalate and then to fight or escape depending on the situation, Getting home safe is whats important at the end of the day. No system out there has all the answers, but we are striving to find as many as we possibly can, our honest approach to self protection means we as the team coaches pressure and stress test everything to as near as possible to a real attack, using some of the most up to date equipment on the self defence market.

We train in various self defence systems & martial arts, keeping what works under pressure testing and removing what doesn’t work.

Am I too old or unfit to start CROSS Krav Maga?

You do not need to be fit to start CROSS Krav Maga, we encourage you to try your hardest, then every time you train try just that little bit harder, you are not expected to as fit as the rest of the team and will not expect you to do something you do not want to do, however you are encouraged to push past your comfort zone.

You will be surprised how quick your fitness will return, also your strength will improve and so will your confidence, you have to be over the age of 16 (with parental permission) and can train to any age as long as you are willing, however it is advisable to see your family doctor for a health check up prior to starting exercise if you are over 45 and have not trained for a while.

Are the classes of mixed Genders?

Yes they are, CROSS Krav Maga uses natural body reflex movements and does not rely on strength alone, so it is the ideal self protection system for anyone, does not matter how big or small, how young or old. The system is very easy to learn and retain, does not use flashy and over complicated techniques so it works under pressure, when you need it!

Is there a grading system?

Yes, we have a grading system in place. Our main priority is getting you to learn how to be safe, and the patch testing system is designed to make you as the student have goals to work towards to achieve your black patch levels. (Black belt)

However, it is not a necessity to grade, that decision is totally up to you if you want to and are of standard, many students do grade, and our gradings are a hard, pressure tested workout so a great learning module in its own right, some students do not wish to and thats fine, actually turning up to train is whats important, and as adults its totally your choice if you wish to grade, you will still learn the system but just not graded on it thats the only difference. The patches are White, Grey and White, Grey, Grey and Black, Black.

The patches are broken down into three modules per level, the levels are foundation, intermediate and advanced.

We do NOT grade every two months like some unscrupulous clubs out there, no one can be much better with just 8 hours training between grades, this is purely a money making exercise and we do not agree with this way of running a club. Our grades are on average every 12-18 months, so will take you around 6 years to gain black patch level.

Long time? Yes it is and hard work, sweat and determination, but at least when you get there its a right of passage, earned and respected, exactly how it used to be and still is with us and other reputable schools out there. The main concern is your safety, so its not just about patches, however everyone who has gone through our gradings have earned them, learned a lot about themselves and feel a lot more confident knowing what they have learned can be utilised and used under pressure.

How we Grade

The gradings are split into two parts, the first part is the basics, looking for smooth delivery of combatives and skill showing the basic principles of CROSS Krav Maga which is dealing with the threat, adding combatives and disengaging and scanning.

The second part focusing on free flowing of techniques and principles under stress and pressure testing.

Why should I take up CROSS Krav Maga rather than any other martial art?

I personally love martial arts and still train them, but to be honest if you want to learn to defend yourself quickly then CROSS Krav Maga is one of the best methods of achieving this ,you build your confidence with repetitive reactive training and its basic and simple, relying on gross motor skills and principles that are easy to learn and retain, we then pressure test so you can actually see for yourself how you can make this great system work.

When defending yourself in class, most martial art schools teach this with a compliant training partner, though this is needed to learn the techniques from scratch, we then encourage our training partners to be non compliant. Just like a real situation on the street, you must train this way or you are in for a shock when you find out everything you learnt may not work on the street due to no pressure testing!

We also train outside, in the dark, against walls, fences, in alleys, on grass and in normal clothes, all to make our training as realistic as possible. Every team member is friendly and will assist with your training, we all help each other, have a great atmosphere and you will also get fit! No Ego’s in our academy!

Are your Coaches licensed and fully trained?

Yes, we are a member of MASA (Martial Arts Standards Agency) and our terms and conditions, risk assessments and standards are met by using their guidelines and standards.

We are also members of the British Combat Association. Our Coaches are fully insured and DBS checked and full first aiders. We started Cross Krav Maga as we were frustrated by the lack of support and training offered by my old association, this has been an invaluable lesson so we have coach only training sessions to keep our coaches up to date with the system and to update their own training and knowledge, also our coaches are free to train and learn with who’m they like, thus gaining and giving knowledge and respect to all we train with.

If we find something that works better under pressure, then it comes in, if not its thrown out its that easy.

Why team Coaches?

Because we are all a part of a team, Krav Maga is a eclectic system, always changing with the times, that’s why there is no such thing as traditional Israeli Krav Maga, anyone stating this is proving that what they teach has not moved on from the 1940’s, things change, the way in which we are attacked change, we must therefore live in the now and train for it!

Every team member needs coaching on different levels and are individuals, so we coach you as individuals, we also keep our class sizes to around the 20 student mark, this encourages people to train, and means every team member can get individual coaching! We also take part in seminars offered by great self defence instructors, we train with coaches with a great wealth of experience, we train in various martial arts to broaden our horizons and are constantly updating our own training.

What do I expect to learn in a class?

Typically Krav Maga classes cover:

  • Human respones to danger
  • The UK law on self defence
  • Basic first aid post conflict
  • Close quarter combat
  • Awareness and how to avoid danger
  • Knife defence and control
  • Grabs, Chokes and grappling escapes
  • Realistic Ground fighting concepts
  • Combatives and striking
  • Stick Fighting and control
  • Realistic scenarios for the modern day threat such as:bar/nightclub attacks, anti mugging, rape avoidance and many more
  • Pressure drills games and sparring (optional) to increase skills
  • Gun awareness and disarms
  • Access to military gun tactics and shooting workshops