Professional References

My name is Hank Hayes and i’m CEO of No Lie Blades. We invented the No Lie Blade and the NLB Tactical combat knife system along with providing other combat instructional services. We supply these tools and services to high risk operators ranging from Law Enforcement Patrol Officers to SRT and SWAT teams to military special operators such as SOCOM, SEAL teams as well as protection professionals and civilians.

At the Masters Academy in Plymouth, UK ( our United Kingdom partners) we ran a 3 day Apprentice course in which i met Keith Collyer. What first struck me about Keith was his physical build, for a 40ish year old he definitely takes care of himself, something i always look for in an instructor (especially an instructor candidate). The other thing that stood out was Keith’s humble but confident demeanour. This is a balance i personally look for in anyone as a person but definitely for an instructor that is going to be a representative of No Lie Blades. Nothing cocky but when he walks in a room you know his there!

When Keith got on the training deck it was clear by the way he moves he has solid understanding of combatives and is a seasoned instructor in his own right. As the training days moved on he took to the material very well and with each training evolution he got better and better.

I will close in saying if your looking for a true professional you will find that in Keith Collyer. We look forward to developing Keith to a senior level instructor and have him coming to the States to assist in instructing some of the Law Enforcement and military command level trainings. At this level there is no room for error in instructors capabilities, i believe Keith will be up and coming in the Law Enforcement/military tactical communities in the United Kingdom and other countries.

Hank Hayes

For over 40 years I have trained and taught martial arts. I have taught judo, aikido, ju-Jitsi, KAPAP and Krav Maga. I have been a Police Officer with Sussex and the Metropolitan Police, working in Armed Response, Counter Terrorism and Protection. I have been an Unarmed Defensive Tactics instructor for Police and Military units in the UK and abroad, been a nationally recognised expert witness in Use of Force. I have founded and run martial arts and self defence organisations. I am now a freelance Security Operator and trainer and have worked in hostile environments.
There are a handful of martial organisations that I rate high enough to recommend and only one I am actively seeking to be involved in. Cross Krav Maga. 

Cross Krav Maga, expertly lead by Chief Instructor Keith Collyer is always striving to be the best it can be. Keith and his instructors teach and train with a beautiful open minded ego less style, sadly lacking in this macho and ego fuelled industry and have created a syllabus that is so grounded in reality that students not only learn but understand how to defend themselves and others. It’s not flash with movie style techniques but a practical, functional system that can be learned and applied to the worst case scenarios a person may encounter.

Having trained with Keith and his boys and girls as both instructor and student, I enjoyed their attitude immensely. The good humour and fun generated in a class that has serious undertones creates a great learning environment, after all if you’re having fun, you learn.

The Cross Krav Maga instructors hold a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience but continously train with other organisations and instructors to broaden their knowledge base, the result being that Cross Krav Maga is constantly evolving, improving and fine tuning, all to the benefit of their students. These guys and girls do not sit back on their laurels but are out there exploring and pushing boundaries.

In this ever increasing violent and dangerous world, if you care about your life, the life of your friends and family and want to tip the odds in your favour should you find yourself in need, train with Cross Krav Maga. There is none better. Learn great things in the hope you never need it.

As soon as I can I will be part of this incredible organisation. Hopefully see you there.

J Keeley

I’ve known and taught Wing Chun to Keith Collyer for around 4 years now, over this time he’s one of the few people who really trains hard and puts in the time to give his own students the very best. Apart from during the week almost every weekend he is teaching or training somewhere to improve on his knowledge and skill.

I once asked Keith to show me what he taught when it came to defending weapons, unlike some people who are too insecure to share there knowledge Keith was more than happy to show me. I was really impressed with what I saw, having trained for a long time and seen a lot, when it came to weapons everything before had left me with the thought “do people really think that will work?” …This was different. 

Keith has a no BS realist approach to his teaching which is refreshing… Keith even invite me and my instructor team to a Cross Krav Maga seminar which was not only very interesting but also a great deal of fun. I’m working with Keith to teach some of the weapon defences within my own Organisation and I’m happy to have Keith on board as one of the WCKUK instructor team. 

If you’re looking for a great teacher, and someone who really cares about his students Keith Collyer is the man to see!

Sifu Wes HusseyChief Instructor For The WCKUK Organisation

Mr. Collyer,

I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding instruction in the hand-to hand combative. I have been in law enforcement for the past twenty two years and have trained in several martial arts and combative courses. I can say without reservation you are one of the most realistic instructors I’ve ever trained with.

This is largely due to in your countries citizens are faced with these threats with knifes and blunt weapons. The instructions and techniques you shown during this week long course were simple but vicious and highly effective (Predator Attitude). You were clear and concise in changing the mindset of the officer in the hand-to hand combat.

So many combative courses are so cartoonish and not practical to law enforcement. You were straight to the point and powerful. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and expert advice. The law enforcement community worldwide is very fortunate to have an instructor with your passion and professional character to have our six.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to any department, organization or agency seeking for the best and the most realistic training out today.

Lieutenant L. A. FordChesterfield Sheriff’s Office

I’ve only been learning CROSS Krav Maga for a few weeks now but I’m already hooked! The training feels easily transferable to real life situations and my confidence has really increased. The coaches are patient and safety is paramount – I’d definitely recommend CROSS Krav Maga to anyone of any background or ability.

Adam McGinnissTeam Member, Crawley Academy

CKM academy is the best place to learn real self defence and built your confidence.
The highly trained Master Kieth and the other instructors ,not only teach you properly how to defend yourself, they also teach you to think strategically and realistically to prevent becoming a victim and how react in different scenarios.
The class have a cooperative rather than competitive atmosphere.

Lorena TodescoTeam Member, Crawley Academy

Excellent, I wish I had started going sooner. Unlike traditional Krav Maga, Keith’s model is about cutting out the junk and focusing on what works in defending yourself and he’s always open to new techniques to improve the system.

I feel like I’m actually being taught something that’s honest rather than dated techniques that don’t necessarily work. Keith and his instructor’s professionalism is unmatched. If self defence is what you’re after, you won’t find a better Krav Maga organisation in West Sussex.

Jonathan MarchantTeam Member, Crawley Academy

The best thing is meeting new people and both share our knowledge. You are a good teacher because you have an easy way with introducing new material and you really want to get the knowledge across to the student. Your approach is one of confidence and helpfulness and not I am the Master and you are the Student.

Captain (retired) Gary C ManDurham Police Department, Durham NC US Reserve Unit, Ex Hostage Negotiator

If you only have time in your life for one class a week and are thinking of taking some form of self defence or martial arts course then this should be the one you attend. The syllabus is varied but very easy to understand and follow. The instructors are realistic and knowledgeable and make everybody feel welcome , all egos are left at the door !!!
It’s a great place to train.

Gary SaundersTeam Member, Crawley Academy

I’ve been taught by Keith now for two years, after trying different styles over the years, this is the one I’ve found to be the most effective, we are also taught how to defend against various weapons which is a 1st for me, it’s always a friendly atmosphere whilst training and no egos, which makes it great especially for woman and also if you have confidence issues, non of the macho environments that I have come across in the past , the best advice I could give is ,come for a free trial , personally I don’t think you would regret it.

Shaun WrightTeam Member, Crawley Academy

Calling all women – try the first free lesson and I think you will be hooked. This genuinely is a gym with no egos where all the members are happy to help explain things to you. It doesn’t matter if you are super fit or if you have never done anything before – no-one will judge you.

I have trained in various martial arts and previously qualified as a self defence instructor with another organisation but now I have discovered Cross Krav Maga, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone as the first place to go to learn to defend yourself in a real-life situation.

The gym is well equipped and Keith and the other instructors I have met are all super friendly and informative.
Training with Cross Krav Maga has definitely helped me to feel safer in day to day life because the system teaches you to use what you have and the opportunities that present themselves rather than depending on set techniques.

Phillippa MartinTeam Member, Crawley Academy

Cross krav maga is a great self defence system that teaches you techniques that work in real life situations.
I started cross krav maga at the Crawley classes about 1 1/2 years ago after looking online for a self defence class and found their website which does a first lesson free trial so thought i’d try it out.

I found that it was exactly what I was looking for. The techniques that are taught have been tested and tested by the instructors to see if they work in high stress conditions and if they find they don’t work then they find what does work.
Keith the chief instructor has an amazing amount of knowledge and passion for teaching this system which comes out in the classes he teaches along with the other instructors Steve and Rene.

When i leave a training session I always feel buzzing that i’ve learnt something new or getting better at what I had learnt before.

Great classes with great instructors and great people!l
I wish I had more time to do it more!

Adam HughesTeam Member, Crawley Academy

Not satisfied with simply relying on one ‘system’, Keith adds, removes and modifies techniques to arrive at an evolved method of effective self defense for the ordinary man and woman in the street. Sessions are fast paced and physical as befits the subject matter, but the techniques are always easy to grasp, even for complete beginners, and always fun and interesting, never intimidating. Keith is an enthusiastic, approachable and knowledgeable coach and is genuinely passionate about passing on what he knows. Cheers Keith!

Matt DixonTeam Member Hove Academy

CROSS Krav Maga is a modern and exceptionally intelligent approach to self defence. Without any dogma, the classes are well planned, build on a clear set of principles and cater for students ranging from beginners to experienced martial artists, training in a safe and friendly environment. The syllabus is well rounded, thought provoking and is always evolving and classes always concentrate on practical partner based drills, with plenty of detailed tuition. plenty of hard work and some laughs.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing in a CKM gym is the lack of ego’s and the genuine respect between all those in a class- Instructors and Students.

Rob BoyettCrawley

I I was doing boxing for some time and decided to try Krav maga. First, I started training with another  big and well known krav maga association, but actual technique of Krav i was getting just in the last 30 minutes  of session (also as i see now it wasn’t great and doesn’t work under pressure). First hour was for fitness. So after maybe couple months of training I was thinking of  going  back to boxing (as it’s cheaper, times were more flexible and it’s great for fitness), but then I found Cross krav maga and decided to give it a go.

What I can say is after my first free session i realized that this is what i was looking for. Keith has a talent to show everything in a very simple way. His techniques are mixed with other martial arts and defense systems so they are much better and more effective. Also he is very good teacher, he breaks everything down so it’s easy to understand.

I’ve been with Cross Krav Maga for nearly a year now and hoping to carry on training in classes and privates as long as i can, because sessions are getting more interesting all the time, it’s really good fun and I learn a lot!

Keith is not just teaching technique, but also how to think, be aware and control yourself when you’re under pressure.
Give it a go and you will see what i mean.

Paulinus SimkunasPrivate Student and Team Member of HOVE

My job as a Dog Security Officer /Doorman can at times be troublesome. I had boxed for a while but felt i needed more defense against knives and multiple attackers. The training i receive at Keith’s classes are second to none. His easy to follow instruction and humor make the classes very enjoyable. I can say with complete honesty, Cross Krav Maga has become a way of life for me and i have made some very good friends along the way. Keith is very approachable and is always willing to help you which makes his classes stand out above the rest. Highly recommended!

Ive trained at several clubs in various martial arts in my time, but never have i witnessed so much encouragement not only by our coach Keith, but also other members. Although training for over 7 hours today was very tough, we all had a great laugh helping each other achieve our goals and belts.. The mutual respect we all feel and have for Keith’s dedication to us has definitely not gone unnoticed.

Each belt we proudly earn is not just achieved and worn to show our level, but also as a sign we have trained hard, listened and taken notice of our coach.

We wear our belts to also show our thanks to Keith’s hard work making our training so enjoyable and making us want more and more each week.

Steve JenkinsonTeam Member Horsham Academ

In the past I have been involved in different styles of Martial Arts and each of which have sports based techniques and styles towards self – defence, with Keith’s CROSS Krav Maga it has provided reality based principles that are effective in modern day situations in the urban environment.

Keith’s classes are interesting, fun and packed with useful information, especially understanding the  physiological element of self defence in the street and the attackers behaviour and your reactions to them in the heat of the moment. I train with Keith twice a week in club classes and also I have found private one to one lessons (2 hours a week) with Keith superb, as they have helped me grasp the techniques with more expertise.

Keith’s knowledge is brilliant and he is open to questions and provides an honest answer and helps empower you with the confidence to protect yourself and others safely. Since joining the club I enjoy the classes so much I have chosen to be an instructor with Keith’s help and guidance . Keith’s a great instructor, whether you choose group or private lessons, he will help you be the best you can be in self- defence.

Paul WarwickTeam Member Brighton

Ever since I was younger I’ve been amerced in the art of krav maga and its with great thanks to Keith and Richard who have finally allowed me to pursue my life interest further. During my time with the group I have finally discovered what it means to be safe in a world where there can be danger around every corner.

However it hasn’t all been training simulations, Unfortunately I was involved in a situation in which I had no way out of. An aggressive student thought to choose me out of the crowd and decide to make me smaller then the others and under estimate my power to defend myself. He tried to take a right hook swing in an effort to impress his friends. but its with great thanks to an Assertive Stance and well drilled instinctive elbow strike that the situation got resolved swiftly. If it wasn’t for your expert praise and constructive criticism the situation would’ve most certainly resulted very differently. one particular special mention is how Keith Collyer will slow down every motion to fully embrace you into the defence system which I’ve never experienced anywhere else. plus being a light hearted fun character means everyone can feel relaxed in the group.
It would feel extremely rewarding if I could return again and finish my training with the team and cement my bond in the C.R.O.S.S KM defence system once i return home from my studies.
Thank you for everything.

Reuben OuanounouEx Team Member Hove

I worked along side Keith in a school in Petworth earlier this year with a group of 9 – 11 year olds. Kieth was fantastic, he managed to motivate and inspire a group of children who had never participated in any form of martial arts or self defence training before. He was able to explain each move/technique in a way that the children could understand which resulted in them being able to learn and progress quickly. The thing I noticed the most is his ability to create a positive learning environment where the children felt comfortable. If I need any self defence or martial arts instructors in the future, Keith would be the first person I would ask.

Fergal McAleerChichester & Arun Wellbeing Services

I started Crosskravmaga 3 weeks ago. I have previously done MMA and boxing but only as fun. I love this class, it’s brilliant to learn self defence, especially for us women that are more likely to receive an attack or threat.

Keith is a great instructor, helpful and easy to approach. His sense of humour also makes the class more enjoyable. All the members are friendly and make you feel welcome.

I will look forward to progressing and achieving my gradings.

Carla Marie PageHorsham Class

I joined Brighton CROSS Krav Maga about 2 years ago with a number of other “late 40 something” friends.  We have all found it incredibly beneficial – a highly effective and simple system which can be learned relatively quickly.  I personally would feel a lot more confident if faced with a confrontational situation and at least one of my friends has used some of the techniques taught in a real-life situation.  My only regret is that I didn’t start this years sooner!

Great club and great training!

Andy ClaytonHove Class

I came to Cross Krav Maga from eight years in a traditional Kung Fu & Karate background. This was just under a year ago. In 2006 I had to stop Kung Fu training following emergency surgery. I spent many years missing martial arts due to this. Joining CKM last year was simply the best decision after researching many other schools. A super friendly and hard working team attitude in the classes. Keith is a superb instructor with an excellent no ego attitude and a good sense of humour. This filters down to all the students to provide an excellent learning environment. no egos, no attitudes, just good hard working, fun and practical skill learning for self defence.

Sean ClarkeHove Class

Booked ten hours with Keith because I needed a practical self-defence system for work (in housing) and for day to day life. I had very little combative experience but Keith is a great tutor and tailored the teaching to where I was coming from and was really good at supporting but also challenging me to progress. The teaching has given me some really useful basic tools and much greater confidence in the area of self-defence. Highly recommended.

Chris CookPrivate Student

I  joined Keith’s C.R.O.S.S Krav Maga Class in the first week of January 2015. As soon as I met Keith, he made  me feel extremely welcome as he does every new member and he made conscious effort to ensure I got the very best from the class.

Since then, after attending the Crawley class once a week and undergoing private 1 on 1 sessions once a week, my training has enhanced considerably. If you want a system that really DOES work efficiently, you can put 100% trust into what Keith is teaching here. Keith explains the reasons behind why every move is incorporated into his system and why others have been removed. These great techniques have not only been thought through in extremely fine detail but seriously pressure tested and adapted for optimum performance. Creating a great system like this is one thing, but having the ability to teach others and teach them well is another! Keith’s unconscious competence allows him to do both at the highest level, and in that regard, he is a true motivator.

Jason GraystoneTeam Member Crawley

I have been studying krav maga for over four years now and in C.R.O.S.S. Krav Maga I have found what I believe to be the most realistic form of self-defence available. No attack is predictable but what Keith offers are principles based on realistic situations and which anticipate what an attacker would do. This is compared to other classes which take a more formal and rigid approach to training and unfortunately which do not always work in real life situations.

By combining krav maga with ideas from various other martial arts I feel this is as complete a training as you can have. At the same time, Keith is constantly developing and evolving C.R.O.S.S to take into account new potential threats. On a personal level, Keith is a fantastic instructor – he is patient, easy going but really cares about training his students so that they can protect themselves and their family.

We live in very dangerous times and life is fragile. Everyone should be training in self-defence and C.R.O.S.S Krav Maga the only team worth joining.

Alberto GiaviniPrivate Student – Crawley

Since recent knife and assaulting attacks I decided to gain confidence in defending not only myself but my clients should the worst happen as well as using the new skill as part of my Personal Career Development.

I rang Keith and from the outset he was kind, had my interest at heart and invited me for a trial lesson within an already established class. At the trail lesson we were taught how to defend ourselves during a knife attack, exactly what I was after.

The lessons are one hour and a half which is ideal as we always start with a detail warm up making our bodies ready to attack and defend. Each lesson is different however each self defence drill is very similar which makes it easier to remember. During the lesson we train in pairs no matter what the experience.

The instructor then teaches us the drills step by step which makes learning easy. The senior members of the class are great as they guide you through the taught drill if you’re not sure. Sometimes during the lessons we are encouraged, not forced to ‘pressure testing’ in a controlled environment, where you are put under psychological, mental and physical stress- all which you’ll encounter during an attack.

Pressure testing is great as it prepares your body to stay calm during an attack. After the class we do a warm down to loosen the muscles used, recap on the drills taught plus any seminars or further activities happening in the near future. Since joining the club I have gained confidence in defending myself and my clients and look forward to getting more training with private one to one sessions.

ChrisClose Protection Officer