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Our Grading System Explained

Our grading system is not mandatory and students not wishing to grade will still be taught the basics of the system up to Module 6  standard because this is a survival system and anyone training will cover everything needed to survive an attack on the street, however those wishing to grade can progress to black belt.

The gradings are split into two parts, the first part is the basics, looking for smooth delivery of combatives and skill showing the basic principles of cross krav maga which is dealing with the threat, adding combatives and disengaging and scanning.

The second part focusing on free flowing of techniques and principles under stress and pressure testing. As illustrated in the photo below, the second belt with a black band shows you are progressing towards your black belt.

grading system crav maga

Grading System

For the Students

Students will NOT be put forward for grading unless they are of standard and have trained regularly. We will work with you to get your grading. That is coaching and not just instructing.

Once you have reached Black Belt status you will be in a position to have concepts that will be yours. We supply you with the tools and we look forward to seeing what you will make of them.

Belts and Grading

White Belt. You begin and train, then take a basic test to wear your white belt, then you start your journey to train the foundation levels, this is the nuts and bolts of the system, the basics, get this right and everything else will follow suit, often overlooked, this is the most important stage of your training, you do not just train for the next belt, but rather your training for all of them and more importantly your own self protection and that of others.

We do not believe that you have to get to a high level to learn how to defend from knives or firearms, we teach you right from the beginning, this means that wether you grade or not, you are getting exactly what you came for, honest self protection training.

You get better by having a basic simple system that works and to keep training it, the more revolutions you do the better you get, its that simple!

Our grading system allows you to progress through the system and is separated into learning modules, there are 12 modules to the system.

Foundation Level

Grey/White Belt

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
grey and white belt

Intermediate Level

Grey Belt

Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
grey belt

Advanced Level

Grey/Black Belt

Module 7
Module 8
Module 9
grey and black belt

Elite Level

Black Belt

Module 10
Module 11
Module 12
black belt

Coaching Courses and Other Courses

Want to become a CKMA Coach? Our courses are run by Chief coach  Keith Collyer at our Headquarters at The Snakepit Gym in Crawley.Our minimum level of entry for these courses is Intermediate module 5  Cross Krav Maga or a Brown Belt or 3 years in another striking system.

Our courses will enable you to be ranked a level 1 or 2 Coach  which covers the whole Foundation and Intermediate levels of the syllabus. We have bolt on specialist instructor courses to move up the levels and to learn the whole system to Black Belt Level. You will receive all relevant training and also will be shown how to coach, you will also receive a coaches information pack with all relevant information needed to start your own Cross Krav Maga Academy. You will  be fully supported and have coach monthly update and up skill training sessions. You get discounted kit, t shirt and club cargo pants, heavily  discounted class training and once a team coach offered corporate work if required. If this interests you contact me and i will email an information pack.

As a part of the Coaching course, apart from the gruelling week of training, you will also coach one of my classes and be monitored and evaluated. This gives our coaches real time feedback and  the chance to enhance their skills further and also gives them a stronger foundation and more confidence when teaching others and starting a class of their own..

Keith was once an instructor for one of the largest Krav Maga organisations in the UK. He found that there was a lack of support,  training and feedback so decided to break away and start his own academies.

Unlike other clubs you will receive our full support and training syllabus to get you underway in your new career, you will be a highly regarded part of a team all working towards a common goal of getting the best coaching out there to our students under the CKMA banner.