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Private Tuition

Private one to one personal  Tuition

Keith offers one to one tuition for our Cross Krav Maga System as well as Self Defence and the martial art of Wing Chun. The benefit of training one to ones are the extensive amount of information provided as well as focusing on you personally , also making sure you are understanding the principles and techniques. These Private sessions will really improve your training and understanding of self defence.

Student Classes


Classes are a great way to train and is beneficial in the fact that its more affordable, gets you training with people of all different sizes and weights and is great for meeting like minded people. All our classes have an ego free environment, your coach would of been taught in this way as it develops trust and you learn more when in an environment you are happy in.



Private one to one training is personal you, and the focus is on why you are there and to work out the best coaching  programme for your needs, whether you are a class student or a beginner who finds the  idea of a class a bit of a worry, were here to build confidence and pushing you past limits you did not think possible.

If your new to self defence we go right back to the basics and help you to achieve your goals, its also a great work out and builds confidence.

Even if you do not attend our classes and would like to learn our cross self protection system, contact us and we can provide a bespoke package to fulfill your needs.

one to one tuition

To book private tuition or to request information, contact us.