We offer many training opportunities, however they are not compulsory. If you would like to boost your training please talk to the instructor about our one on one training sessions.

Our grading system explained.

Our grading system is not mandatory and students not wishing to grade will still be taught the basics of the system up to Module 6 standard because this is a survival system and anyone training will cover everything needed to survive an attack on the street, however those wishing to grade can progress to black patch.
The gradings are split into two parts, the first part is the basics, looking for smooth delivery of combatives and skill showing the basic principles of CROSS Krav Maga which is dealing with the threat, adding combatives and disengaging and scanning.

The second part focusing on free flowing of techniques and principles under stress and pressure testing. As illustrated in the photo below, the second patch with a black band shows you are progressing towards your black patch.